10-Day Free Trial to Membership Program

Please read the following 10-Day Free Trail to Membership Program (the “Offer”) carefully. This offer (the “10-Day Free Trail to Membership Program”), which is made to you, the Customer (collectively, “Customer” “You” or “Your”) by High Performance Nutrition, Inc. (collectively, "High Performance Nutrition, Inc. ", "We", "Us", or "Our"), allows you to try our product (the “Product”) for a period of Ten (10) days, from the moment that you place your order (the “Free Trial Period”). You will be responsible to pay the shipping and handling fees (the “Initial Payment”) required at the point of electing this offer. You will be required to submit your payment details to which you (i) consent and authorize High Performance Nutrition, Inc. to charge the card provided in accordance with terms and conditions of this 10-Day Free Trail to Membership Program, (ii) acknowledge and agree to High Performance Nutrition, Inc. Terms and Conditions.

When you elect the offer, you are also electing into a recurring/continuity Program (the “Subscription Billing). You will be receiving the Product you elected at the beginning this offer every (30) thirty days, 10 days from the point of your initial payment. You will be billed the Membership Fee every (30) thirty days on the card that you have provided to begin this offer.

*Subscription Billing

YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT THIS OFFER IS PROVIDED ON A SUBSCRIPTION BASIS, AND YOUR CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD WILL BE CHARGED THE MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP FEE DEPENDING ON YOUR ORIGINAL PURCHASE (THE “MEMBERSHIP FEE”). YOU WILL BE BILLED THE MEMBERSHIP FEE EVERY THIRTY (30) DAYS, TEN (10) DAYS AFTER FROM THE DATE OF YOUR PURCHASE, UNLESS AND UNTIL YOU CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP IN ACCORDANCE WITH THIS AGREEMENT. You expressly authorize High Performance Nutrition, Inc. (or its partners, affiliates, and/or agents) to charge your credit or debit card the recurring Membership Fees. You acknowledge and agree that High Performance Nutrition, Inc. will not obtain additional authorization from you for each monthly Membership Fee charged to your credit or debit card.

HIGH PERFORMANCE NUTRITION, INC. DISCLAIMS ANY LIABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY OVERDRAFT CHARGES OR FEES YOU MAY INCUR FROM YOUR CARD ISSUER OR BANK FOR INSUFFICIENT FUNDS. All delinquent charges and charges not honored by your credit or debit card issuer or bank will be subject to a late fee equal to 1.5% (or the highest amount allowed by law, whichever is lower) of the delinquent amount(s). Except to the extent prohibited by law, this late fee may be charged pending the resolution of any disputes You may have raised regarding your invoiced charges, provided however that any disputed charges which are resolved in your favor will not be assessed a late fee or have the late fee removed from the charges.

Membership Fees:

The membership fees are as follow. Depending on your original purchase and the product you select, the monthly fee will be according to the option selected by you, the customer.

Product Name: Membership Fee:

1 Bottle of PA(7) $49.99

How you may cancel your Free Trial and/or Membership:

You may cancel you Membership at any time. You may cancel your membership by calling us at  


from 10:30am to 5:30pm Pacific Standard Time, Monday to Friday.

You can also email us “CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP” at customercare@hpnsupplements.com

Please allow 3-5 Days for us to respond with your Cancellation Confirmation. You will receive confirmation via email.

Automatic Recurring Payment Failure:

If the Subscription Billing is declined, you will be contacted by phone or email by one of our Sales Representative. We may permanently restrict your ability to use a certain payment method if that payment method fails multiple times. REMEMBER: If your payment fails, you will need to replenish your account with another payment method. If payment is not made and you do not make a payment by the end of your billing cycle, your service may be suspended or cancelled.


You will receive a notice of Confirmation of Consent via email notifying you of your subscription and terms.


Domestic Orders on Membership Program Shipping Fee: $5.95*

International Orders on Membership Program Shipping Fee: $14.95*

* This is a one-time charge, at the beginning of your offer. Once program begins, Standard Shipping Cost Apply.